Getting Started & Financial Information


What SLM Provides When Starting A New WWBI Institute

When you send the completed application (see WWBI Application Form) to SLM’s Department of Advanced Studies, you are on your way to establishing a new Bible Institute. Once this is completed, approved, and returned, you are ready to take the next step.

Dates will be set to hold a WWBI training seminar for you and for all of those who will be a part of your Bible Institute staff. The training seminar will take several days to complete, depending on how many hours can be dedicated to it per day, and how quickly the staff can grasp the concepts being taught.

On the selected dates, a WWBI representative from the offices of Source of Light Ministries International will meet with you to familiarize you and your staff with all aspects of the WWBI training program. This usually occurs on location where the Institute will be set up, but sometimes seminars are held at SLM headquarters or other select locations.*

During the training seminar you will receive approximately 16 hours of instruction with additional hours of counsel and advice as needed.

You will also receive a complete Operations Manual for conducting a WWBI Bible Institute. In that Manual will be advice on every phase of the Institute operation, including student recruitment, record keeping, forms, and sample diplomas.

In addition to the Operations Manual, each member of your Institute staff will receive a Teachers Training Manual with complete training information. When a WWBI representative comes to you, it is their goal to give you every assistance possible to insure the success of your WWBI program.

Finally, you will receive a master set of the WWBI curriculum together with all necessary Answer Keys, STEP-Tests, STEP Test Keys, etc. With this material you will receive permission to copy these master sets of materials to provide for any number of students you have at any given time. It is not our goal to make you dependent upon SLM for future needed materials. We want the future of your Bible Institute to be dependent only upon God and your willingness to work with Him to accomplish your training goals.

Providing thorough Bible training at the local level is a large task, but it is a worthy and necessary goal if Church growth is to continue. While total training will never be easy, WWBI puts it within reach. With the WWBI program, you can have a successful Bible Institute wherever you are.


* Footnote:

An alternative to this may be arranged when time and distance make a live training seminar infeasible. While we prefer to do training in person where possible, WWBI has a Training Seminar on DVD which can be provided. The same number of class hours are needed as in a live Seminar, the same printed materials are furnished, but this Seminar would be led by the Pastor or the one who will assume leadership of the proposed Institute. There is a test administered at the end of this Seminar which must be graded and recorded by the WWBI office in Madison. It is possible for a school to receive accreditation by this method.


I. Costs

WWBI Success Training Seminar

  • 12 – 16 hours of instruction plus Operational Manual, Teachers Training Manuals, all necessary forms, diplomas, etc. = $500.00*

First Year (2 Semesters)

  • 41 Steps @ $10.00 each (including Step-Test Keys, etc.) = $410.00

Second Year (2 Semesters)

  • 42 Steps @ $10.00 = $420.00

Third Year (2 Semesters)

  • 39 STEPS @ $10.00 = $390.00

Three-Year TOTAL (6 Semesters) with Success Training Seminar = $1,720.00*

*NOTE: This figure does not include transportation costs for SLM training personnel. These should be determined and added to the total cost figure. Cost for elective courses is also additional.


II. Payment

Payment for the WWBI SUCCESS TRAINING SEMINAR should be made in advance when the dates for the seminar are agreed upon. Agreed upon travel expenses for SLM personnel should also be included in this payment. The remaining costs of materials should be paid at the time they are delivered to you by the SLM representative. All checks should be made payable to Source of Light Ministries International and marked for WWBI materials and services.


III. Grant

If you are unable to cover the costs of setting up a WWBI program in your church or mission, you may request from the SLM office a “Grant Form.” On this form you will indicate the percentage of costs you will trust the Lord to help you cover. Upon receipt of your request, SLM will determine whether it is in a position to provide WWBI material and services to you.