About The Ezra Institute


For Ezra had set his heart to study the law of the LORD, and to practice it, and to teach His statutes and ordinances in Israel. Ezra 7:10 (NAS)

Essential Information and Course Descriptions of The Ezra Institute

Please Read the following:

Following each course description, there is a code indicating the number of CUs (Credit Units) which the student can earn for completion of that particular course. (See page 8 under Credit Units / Credit Hours for a full explanation of how they relate to WWBI electives).

Some courses made available through The Ezra Institute have been taken from the curriculum of the WWBI program. These are noted by the letters BI after the course description. These courses are all printed in individual books with questions, reviews, and tests in the style of other Ezra Institute courses.

Courses that are recommended for WWBI Electives will be noted. Each of these courses is valued at 3 CUs to fit the WWBI Elective requirement. If the student wished to take a course from The Ezra Institute that is not specially designated as a WWBI Elective, he may do so, but if the course has less than 3 CUs he must take more than one course to make up the difference. If the course he selects from The Ezra Institute has more than 3 CUs, he may still be approved to take it as a WWBI Elective, but will only receive a total of 3 CUs within the WWBI Program.

For a full explanation of The Ezra Institute courses, please click HERE.