Credits & Graduation Requirements


The Basic Bible Curriculum is designed to meet the need for Biblical Leadership training where the student lives and serves. In six semesters, students are given courses to prepare them with a basic knowledge of Bible upon which they may draw as they serve the Lord the rest of their lives.


Credit Units and Credit Hours

A Credit Unit (CU) represents all the work required in the completion of one STEP including STEP tests and any projects, or assignments which may be required. Each STEP takes an average of five to six hours of work to complete. This does not include the time necessary for projects, assignments, or tests. Thus a six-STEP course would take an average of 36-40 hours to complete and would be awarded six WWBI CUs.

Please note that a “Credit Unit” is a measurement used by the WWBI program and is not necessarily related to the more familiar “Credit Hour” employed by colleges. However, if credit towards a Bible College program is desired, WWBI enjoys an Articulation Agreement with several outstanding Bible Colleges who offer up to 42 Credit Hours toward a college degree for those who complete the entire WWBI program. These participating Bible Colleges are listed here and you may also contact us about any specific college you may be interested in transferring to.

WWBI graduates therefore, can earn a college degree with one of these colleges and completion of work toward a degree can usually be done on-line.

The State of Georgia allows Source of Light International to confer an Associate Degree in Christian Ministry to graduates of our Bible Training programs. This is a non-academic religious degree.

For additional information on this program contact:


Academic Load

The standard student load is considered to be not less than 20 CUs of work per semester.

A reduced student load is considered to be any number of CUs less than 20 per semester. Students in some cases will take less than this because of work schedules or other considerations. A student may begin by taking any number of courses their time and schedule will allow. The courses must be taken in the order in which they are arranged in the Curriculum, since certain courses build upon previous ones whatever number of courses the student pursues.


Basic Graduation Requirements

1) The student, in order to graduate, must demonstrate that he has completed 135 CUs of work in the Institute program. The student must have completed all of the subjects listed in the Basic Bible Curriculum (122 CUs). Requirements for the remaining 13 CUs will be met through the Electives offered and the completion of the Practicum.

2) The student shall maintain a minimum average score of 80% for each course.

3) If graduation recognition is given directly by your Institute the graduate would receive a Basic Bible Diploma issued by you (unless your institute has received special status from the educational department of the state in which it is located).

4) If you wish to add a Source of Light Associate Degree in Christian Ministry, SLM offers that option to eligible students. You must send the student’s transcript to us along with a letter of request and recommendation from your Institute.

5) If the student’s record qualifies, an Associate Degree in Christian Ministry can be granted for a modest fee of $95.00.


For information regarding costs and setting up a Bible Institute program please refer to WWBI: Getting Started.