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A Moment From God’s Word (2017-04-12)

A Moment From God's Word
A Moment From God's Word
A Moment From God's Word (2017-04-12)



Intro – Here is Bill Shade with today’s “Moment from God’s Word”.


Did you know that 20 current or retired military personnel take their own lives in the act of Suicide every day? That’s over 7,000 men and women every year.

I was reading a testimony in a national religious news magazine and as they talked about an outstanding Christian leader, they spoke of how he had helped several people whose children had committed suicide.

Suicide is a National (no – an International) Epidemic. However, did you know that every suicide, regardless of where it takes place, the age of the person, or any number of other factors – every suicide has one identifiable ingredient that is consistently missed by reviewers and suicide intervention experts.
We have uncovered that ingredient in my latest book, Unmasking Suicide. There is a defense against this tragedy that works. I hope you will get a copy and share it with your friends and children.

You can get a copy today by going to BillShade.org – that’s just BillShade.org – (it’s not case sensitive), and order your copy of this revealing book. Suicide Unmasked! Do it today.

Closing – This is Kile Smith. You have been listening to Bible Teacher and author, Dr. Bill Shade, Director of Advanced Studies for Source of Light Ministries International. Our college-recognized, three-year, Bible Institute curriculum is now available online. We invite you to visit us on the Web at advancedbiblicalstudies.net – that’s advancedbiblicalstudies.net and begin a systematic study of God’s Word today.