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A Moment From God’s Word (2016-05-18)

A Moment From God's Word
A Moment From God's Word
A Moment From God's Word (2016-05-18)



Intro – Here is Bill Shade with today’s “Moment from God’s Word”.

Message – Psalm 119

This world is filled with a lot of insanity. We have learned people in high places who believe that this ordered universe came about by a random accident, that highly organized creatures came about by chance and that life sprang somehow spontaneously from non-life. That’s only one example of the insanity around us, but why do I call it insanity?

Well, the definition of Truth is that which conforms to reality, that which was or is or shall be. There is nothing about such ideas, regardless of how popular they may be, that conforms to reality and when a person slips from reality and lives in a world of illusion, we call that insanity.

Thankfully, there is an antidote for insanity – Jesus said, Thy Word is Truth. God’s Word always conforms to reality and is certain. David said, I have more understanding than all my teachers, for thy testimonies are my meditation (Ps. 119:99). God’s Word is the way out of insanity for this generation just as it has been for all generations past.

Closing – This is Kile Smith. You have been listening to Bible Teacher and author, Dr. Bill Shade, Director of Advanced Studies for Source of Light Ministries International. Our college-recognized, three-year, Bible Institute curriculum is now available online. We invite you to visit us on the Web at advancedbiblicalstudies.net – that’s advancedbiblicalstudies.net and begin a systematic study of God’s Word today.