WWBI Structure


The WWBI concept requires the creation of a structured Bible Institute operated by a local church or a mission agency. The institute you set up bears the name you give it, has its own identity, operates in its own venue, sets up its own schedule, and is administered by your own mature, biblically-trained and qualified leadership.

WWBI Institute operates in every sense like any traditional educational institution; but instead of having a large resident or volunteer faculty to do the teaching, WWBI utilizes the self-teaching curriculum and can conduct a sizable school with a relatively small staff.

WWBI has assisted many churches and missions to organize and operate a complete Bible Institute program that is capable of providing a learning experience equal to that provided by traditional institutions. The WWBI vision is to come alongside and help those who are interested and ready to open a complete institute program within a very limited time frame. Actually it takes WWBI personnel less than a week to provide you and your staff with all that is necessary to organize and operate a Bible Institute on your field of ministry.

This website will help provide you with the information necessary to know what WWBI can do and whether the WWBI program is right for you.