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A Moment From God’s Word (2017-11-15)

A Moment From God's Word
A Moment From God's Word
A Moment From God's Word (2017-11-15)



Intro – Here is Bill Shade with today’s “Moment from God’s Word”.


The late Chuck Colson, founder of Prison Fellowship would have loved to see the Museum of the Bible opening this Friday in Washington DC. Of course, Chuck is seeing something far better now, the glory of which the Bible he loved speaks. But Chuck was unequivocal on Scripture and he once wrote,

“The Bible – banned, burned, and beloved. More widely read, more frequently attacked than any other book in history. Generations of intellectuals have attempted to discredit it; dictators of every age have outlawed it and executed those who read it. Yet . . .Fragments of it smuggled into solitary prison cells have transformed ruthless killers into gentle saints.”

Amazing isn’t it? This Book, so maligned and so hated, does exactly what it says it can do. It makes new creatures our of old sinners – it did that for me – have you allowed it to do that for you?

Closing – This is Kile Smith. You have been listening to Bible Teacher and author, Dr. Bill Shade, Director of Advanced Studies for Source of Light Ministries International. Our college-recognized, three-year, Bible Institute curriculum is now available online. We invite you to visit us on the Web at advancedbiblicalstudies.net – that’s advancedbiblicalstudies.net and begin a systematic study of God’s Word today.