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A Moment From God’s Word (2017-05-10)

A Moment From God's Word
A Moment From God's Word
A Moment From God's Word (2017-05-10)



Intro – Here is Bill Shade with today’s “Moment from God’s Word”.


We have been discussing Adam, and I want to return to that just one more time – for while it is important that we see Adam’s relation to great truths like the origin of sin, the reality of death as the penalty for sin and Christ as our Kinsman Redeemer, it is also important to recognize where the connection to Adam stops.

Where it stops is the claim that Adam is somehow related to either the Church or Israel. When theology, especially certain forms of reformed theology tries to link Adam to the concept of the Church and claim that the Church began with Adam that connection is simply not there. Redemption and salvation by faith alone in God alone has existed through all ages – but that does not mean that either Israel or the Church existed just because men where saved.

As with the denial of a literal Adam, this linking of Adam to the Church distorts many profound truths including the origin and nature of the Church, the mission of the church, and the destiny of the Church. We have to distinguish things that are related from those which are not. Advanced Biblical Studies helps you to do that. Why not contact us today.

Closing – This is Kile Smith. You have been listening to Bible Teacher and author, Dr. Bill Shade, Director of Advanced Studies for Source of Light Ministries International. Our college-recognized, three-year, Bible Institute curriculum is now available online. We invite you to visit us on the Web at advancedbiblicalstudies.net – that’s advancedbiblicalstudies.net and begin a systematic study of God’s Word today.